Shenzhen Qingping Fairs Reform

Shenzhen Qingping Fairs Reform

Time: 2019

Location: Shenzhen, China

Design Stage: Under Construction

Building Type: Public Buildings

Qingping Country Fairs locates in the north west of Shajing Xinqiao community of Shenzhen. Because of there is a stone arch bridge in the community, this village is also called Bridgehead Village or Bridgehead Country Fairs. 

Qingping Country Fairs will be reformed to be a new engine for Shenzhen western development, based on the idea of old building protection and city reform.

Movie and culture cultivation will be the theme of Qingping Country Fairs, equipped with modern social service.

If we abstract the renovated building into the space of Qingping Country Fairs, village entrance and ancient tree, it would become a new symbol and create a new public space for people communicating. And this is the carriers of the concept of ancient tree of the village entrance.

Suspending the new volume above the existing ruins and interlocking with the frames could retain the existing frames and ruins up to the hit. Overhead the ground floor could ensure the axis of the old village is continuous. Also it creates a public space to hold any kind of activities, such as fairs and exhibitions. There are more functions in the new constructed building as well, for example, film and television release center and conference center. The top of the roof will be the coffee shop and overlook platform.

Shapu Cantonese Opera Centre

Shapu Cantonese Opera Centre

Time: 2018

Location: Junan Town , Shunde ,Foshan, China

Design Stage: Under Construction

Building Type: Public Building

Shapu Cantonese opera centre is renovated from the building which used to be a kindergarten. This project is a significant node of the Shapu renovation planning.

Cantonese opera culture is very popular in Junan. You will be surrounded by the artistic environment. Almost every family in Junan is fond of Cantonese opera, people there often organize activities by themselves, which we called it “Private Show”

The original building of the kindergarten located at the centre of Shapu village. It’s an open water area gathering three small rivers. The old building was a three floor high, veranda style plane layout, which rotates a little bit in the middle. This plane layout leads to a result that there is a gap which is the entrance of the kindergarten between the north and the south building. According to the current situation, the form of this building is the consequence of the untrammeled growth with circumstances permit.

There is a two floor high building abandoned at the south part of the site. If we dismantle it , there will be a widen square space. The result is, people can see the south elevation of the kindergarten. Consequently, the pattern of the site will be the logic as building-square-water-river.

Lion Viewing Deck

Lion Viewing Deck

Time: 2017

Location: Heyuan, Guangdong

Design Stage: Completed

Architecture Type: Public use

In northern Guangdong village, still maintained a beautiful natural environment, open fields, long stretches of mountains. In this environment, I only have a simple thought, is to be fully immersed in the fields, and can see as far as possible. This viewing deck is located in Heyuan Xing Shi village,and is to build as simple as the concept. A rest area at the lower level, through the inside of the tube, onto the end of the staircase, it is suddenly into an open space. The overall shape is simple geometric structure, but dramatic abrupt rise, likes to lose balance: she draws the curiosity of the people. And when you are in it, you can feel the embrace of the natural environment. 

Beijiao Newtown Primary School

Beijiao Newtown Primary School

Time: 2016

Location: Shunde, Foshan  

Design stage: Design competition  

Architectural type: Education  

 We always hope to grant the most beautiful things in the world to our children, which is the most modest wish of the people. In contrast with direct teaching of culture and knowledge, cultivating the curiosity of the children, developing an interest for learning as well as feeling local history and culture and beautiful things are more important.

Yard is an important feature of traditional Chinese residential buildings, which shows its uniqueness in the architecture of the Pearl River Delta; from traditional academy of classical learning and old-style private school to ancestral temple and Lingnan Garden, yard is always an important element in organizing architectural space. I