Celebration party for 100th Monthly Mind Salon

Date:2016-08-26    Hits:1019   Source:LT Architects

In Times Family on the sixth floor in Guangzhou Zhengjia Square, the small party for 100th  Monthly Mind Salon invites 100 friends.

Architect Xiang Jie, the principal of Times Property Design Center, introduces the whole product concept of Times Family; Ms. Thalia, the principal of Greek Agricultural Product Promotion Center, introduces the origin story between Greek wine and history, art, literature, philosophy and great sages; Architect Hu Manying introduces the  pen bag she specially designs for the designers and artists in her spare time, which has hit the shelves for sales in the market.

Sincerely wish that the Thinking Salon will become better and better and look forward to the next 100th Thinking Salon.