Architects discuss football

Date:2018-09-22    Hits:1048   Source:LT Architects

Can you imagine if some very best architects join a football team, what part they would play? What achievement they would get just like their design?

Dream team of LT Gallery,only one goalkeeper should be added.

On 22nd Sep. 2018, LT Gallery was like a football playground where there had senior football reporter and full-back and winger.

Wang Wei, a football reporter with much experience, pass the most updated news from sites. Mr. Zhu Zhi Yuan--an architect with deliberate mind, play full-back part on football site. Mr.Jin Yuan-an architect , smart and energetic, play winger part  on football site. And we also have the gorgeous architect-Ms.Fan Jin, with quick action and unique ideas. They are all interested in football games and gathered to talk about architecture and football.

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